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Planto Zyme

What is Plantozyme
Plantozyme is a novel, innovative and revolutionary Biotechnology product derived from propritary strain of microorganism and specific type of ocean plants. A stable formulation of microbial metabolites and extract of specific ocean plant make plantozyme safe and novel product for improving plant growth & yield in natural way.

A liquid formulation is prepared for the use on all crops to be sprayed @ 2ml/L as and when required. Main effects of plantozyme on the crops are cell division, cell elongation, membrane formation, delayed senescence, increased chlorophyll contents & its fluorescence, mobilization of nutrients and control of apical dominance. Benefits from the use of plantozyme to crops are higher and quicker yield of superior quality due to pest-disease & drought resistance development, higher uptake of nutrients & more photosynthesis. This results in the early and higher yield of superior quality of produce.

Trials conducted at Tamilnadu Agriculture University showed that 9 % increase in chlorophyll activity, 36.38 % increase in photosynthesis rate, 29.92 % increase in CO2 absorption of banana with the better enhancement in NPK absorption and higher yield.
Trials conducted at National Research Centre for Grapes, Manjari, Pune, showed 35% higher yield of grapes.

Product Specification:

  • Plantozyme is derived from proprietary bacterial strains developed in house by Pralshar.
  • Plantozyme production process involves unique fermentation process during which the bacteria produce various compounds such as precursors of cytokinin, auxin etc. and specific peptides. These compounds are formulated with a small quantity of seaweed extract to get an ideal product Plantozyme.
  • Plantozyme is a natural organic product which is stable for more than five years under normal room conditions.

Bio Efficacy data on PLANTOZYME

Planto zyme has been evaluated by various agricultural universities in India and also Indian Council Agricultural Research (ICAR) laboratories on various agroclimatic conditions across the country.

Planto zyme has also been tested in the fields of thousands of farmers and has been found extremely beneficial.

There are three types of Applications for Planto:

1. Planto Granules – Soil Application
2. Planto zyme – Foliar Application
3. Planto Drip – Drip Application

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