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Planto Soya Special

Concerning about the high yield potential, good standability and ability to withstand environmental stresses of soyabean crop, Planto Soya special is formulated. To achieve high soybean yields, Planto Soya special provides resistance to specific races of (Soybean cyst nematode) SCN, resistance or field tolerance to Phytophthora root rot, other diseases, or iron deficiency chlorosis.

Quicker and full canopy development by flowering and maximum rate of photosynthesis is possible by the crop during the important pod-formation and pod-filling stages by using the Planto Soya Special. It was observed that 45 % of rhizobium nodules were increased by the use of Planto soya special (Trial at JNKV Jabalpur, M.P.).

3 sprays of planto soya special @ 2ml/ L are recommended on 25 days, 45 days and 60 days for crop growth.

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