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Planto Hybrid Paddy +

Hybrid paddy is a semi aquatic and transplanted cereal crop. Hence, Planto hybrid paddy is formulated as per need of crops. 2 sprays @ 2 ml/ L of planto is recommended, 1st at 30 days after transplanting and 2nd at 65 days after transplanting. Planto hybrid paddy induces profuse fibrous root growth, more number of tillers, increased chlorophyll contents with higher luminescence. Therefore, it makes the crop to take up more nutrients from the soil and increases photosynthesis rate. Thus, it enables crop to produce longer earhead uniformally filled with longer and lustrous grains. More than 26% of higher yield with superior grain quality is assured by the use of planto hybrid paddy.

Trials conducted at Annamalai Agriculture University, Tamilnadu,showed 26% increase in paddy yield.

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