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Planto Grapes

Planto grapes formulation is prepared taking quality aspects of the fruits into consideration along with higher yield. 3 sprays @ 2 ml/ L are recommended 21 days, 45 days & 90 days after April pruning.

For October pruning spraying 3ml planto grapes /L is recommended. 1st spray is to be taken 21 days before pruning, 2nd spray is taken 45 days after pruning when bunches immerge from flowers, 2ml planto grapes is added with G.A. at last dipping. 3rd spray is taken 85 to 90 days after pruning and last 1 month before harvesting. Beneficial effects of these sprays are higher uptake of nutrients from the soil & its mobilization in to vines. Planto grapes increases chlorophyll contents which brings about higher photosynthesis, vigorous growth & more sugar synthesis. Nearly, 20% higher yield with qualitatively superior bolder berries having larger size, higher sugar content with attractive color & shining are obtained by the use of Planto grape.
Delayed senescence induced by planto grapes effectively prevents fruit drop during dipping, thinning, harvesting, handling, packing, transporting and selling.

Trials conducted at Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR) Banglore.

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