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Planto Granules

Plantozyme is applied in Planto Granule format through soil. Planto granule stimulates seed germination, fastens growth of cotyledon leaves and induces growth of roots. It breaks up seed dormancy and increases seed germination percentage. Plantozyme is a xylem mobile. Hence, it moves upwards in the plant body and influences vigorous & hardy growth, abundant flowering & fruiting in case of fruits & fruity vegetables.

Further application of planto granules assures high yield with superior quality of produce. To avail these extraordinary advantages with an absolute ease planto granules are in use alone or along with fertilizers. Planto granules are manufactured with 5% plantozyme as common soil application for all field, horticultural & plantation crops. Planto granules are recommended with sowing 25 to 50 kg/acre for rainfed crops & 50 to 100 kg for irrigated field crops and horticultural crops in a single dose at the time of transplanting. Use of planto granules provides the faster & healthy growth of plants throughout their development stages with 25 to 60% higher yield. Trials conducted at Central Sugarcane Research Station, Padegaon, Phaltan, Satara, Maharashtra, showed 29.34 t/h increase in sugarcane yield.

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