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Planto Drip

With the advent of microirrigation, Planto Drip is a specially designed formulation to be applied from very small to very large area under variety of irrigated crops easily, effectively & precisely. When applied, planto drip is readily absorbed by crop roots and stimulates fast development of profuse fibrous roots system. Water, nutrients from the soil and planto drip are taken up equally by plants through extensive root system to the entire aerial part of the plant i. e. stem, branches, buds, leaves etc.

Planto drip brings more chlorophyll content resulting in higher rate of photosynthesis with greater luminescence in leaves. This provides the faster growth of entire plant. Planto drip delays senescence i.e. flower, fruit & leaf drop, suppresses apical dominance which restrict undue vegetative growth and divert food material for the speedy and fulsome growth of fruits. Planto drip is recommended just at the time of flowering and at 50% fruit growth stage. Planto drip very efficiently increases the yield of horticultural crops such as grapes, banana, pomegranate, mango, citrus etc. Field crops like tomato, brinjal, chilli, sugarcane etc. are having very high yield potential by the use of planto drip.

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