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Planto Chilli Special

Taking into consideration, multiple harvesting, longer productive life, high yield potential and good market price of chilli, planto chilli special is formulated.

To begin with, a spray of planto chilli special @ 2ml/ L is recommended on 15 days old seedlings for robust growth and to prevent transplanting shock. 4 to 5 sprays are recommended after transplanting, depending upon duration of crop. Planto chilli special induces profuse fibrous root growth, higher uptake of nutrients and metabolic activities in the plant. Also it brings increased photosynthesis rate, vigorous growth, extensive branching, abundant flowering and fruiting and number of pods per plant. More picking is achieved by lengthening productive life of chilli crop by additional spraying of planto chilli special.

Proline content of the formulation protects crop from all type of stresses and prevents flower & fruit drop. Nearly, 20 to 25% higher yield of longer plump fruits with attractive shiny colour of better keeping quality is obtained by the use of planto chilli special.
Trials conducted at Acharya N. G. Ranga Agriculture University, Andrapradesh, showed 6.7 Q/h increase in dry chilli.

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