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P-stim is quickly absorbed by plants through leaves as well as through roots. Once entered inside the plant body it quickly decomposes in amino acid derivatives like glycine, tryptophan (naturally derived bioactive amino acids). This positively affects enzymatic activity and provides an anti-stress effect, regulating osmotic equilibrium under stress conditions. It has synergistic effect on plant growth regulators (Gibberellic acid and auxins). P-stim plays major role in absorption and utilization of macro & micro nutrients flavoring better fertilization elements applied to the crop.

Treatment of P-stim to seeds, suckers, bulbs etc. terminates their dormancy, increases germination and hastens growth of seedling/ plantlet. P-stim sprayed 3-4 days before uprooting seedling or root dipping of seedling in P-stim maintains turgidity. Seedlings establish quickly and start growing rapidly.

Application of 1ml/ L P-stim is recommended for treatment of seed, sucker, bulbs or any other planting material. For spraying 1 to 1.5 ml P-stim/ L is recommended on various crops. 2-5 sprays are recommended during rapid growth of flowering, fruiting stages. 0.5 L/h fertigation is recommended after stress conditions.

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